About Us

Our Approach

We truly believe in a simple principle when it comes to any successful network implementation, add, move, change, or migration. It should be 80 percent design, planning, and preparation, and only 20 percent hands on.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simply to provide the absolute best network expertise to our customers, with the absolute best customer service, in the areas that we specialize in.

Our Story

Our Senior Network Architect has 23 years of experience in Wired and Wireless Networking, Security, and Information Technology as a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE #5032).  As a CCIE he has operated at the highest expert level, with the most advanced and widely respected networking certification in the industry, designing, building, migrating, managing, and troubleshooting over 150 networks from $50 million large private estates to small business and large enterprise. He is experienced as a Trainer, Team leader/Manager, Internet Service Provider Senior Technician and Call Center Supervisor, Integrator, Network Administrator, Business Owner, and Advanced Certified in WIFI analysis, design, troubleshooting, and surveying (ECSE Advanced #38). We have been in continuous business as an Independent Network Integrator since 2002.  A number of FAR larger consulting companies, and VARs have come and gone in that time, for any number of reasons, leaving many customers with the task of finding a new relationship.

A LOT of smaller companies and network professionals claim to hold a networking or vendor certification, but what is it ACTUALLY, and at WHAT LEVEL? It looks good for business, and adds legitimacy, but many times it is not even specified. Upon close examination or request, it is often found to be rather basic, entry level, or even EXPIRED! Our networking certifications are at the highest expert level, and VERIFIABLE as ACTIVE and CURRENT. We would be happy to transparently compare our certifications and experience to any other small networking company. In the chance that they hold an equal or greater certification, or more experience, in our area of expertise, you are in GOOD HANDS, and probably could not go wrong by choosing either company! If they are better suited for certain work or tasks at hand, we will happily partner with them, or recommend them for assistance.