Network Design

Properly engineering the absolute, best network design, or solution, makes ALL of the difference in the world!  It is where we often spend the most effort for customers. Design has a tremendous effect on everything including how much you spend on the right or wrong equipment, cost of operation, ease of troubleshooting, performance, reliability, and security.  WIFI or network issues can be costly, or even disastrous, to a business. We very much want to help you avoid those at all costs!  It is ultimately FAR more economical to find the absolute best network professional that you can for the SPECIFIC type of work that you need. They often can deliver a solution in less hourly time with recommendations that have a far greater effect on network, or business expense, than the difference in consulting fees.


Network Implementation

You can have the BEST network design or equipment, but if improperly configured, the network may run slower, or more unreliably than it should.  Customers often do not realize how much faster their WIFI or Internet could be using even the SAME equipment, if configured or optimized properly by a networking expert.  A more significant issue, often UNKNOWN and seen in small to medium businesses and private estates, is WIFI or Internet that operates fine, but was configured to be functional, NOT PRIVATE OR SECURE!   Valuable personal or business data, privacy, and even free use of Internet bandwidth and WIFI, are exposed to companies that use or sell this data, or even worse, malicious outsiders.

Network Management And Troubleshooting

Once a network has been expertly designed and implemented, proper management and troubleshooting of the network becomes essential. Typically, well designed and implemented networks require less maintenance, but periodic maintenance is still required.  Also, as time goes by, network conditions change. Customers may have more users, more bandwidth demands, new applications, the WIFI or RF environment may have changed due to neighboring businesses, and so forth. This can cause issues to arise that need to be addressed by reconfiguration, or any number of adjustments.

What We Do and Why Us?

We are ADVANCED CERTIFIED WI-FI and Wired Networking Specialists.  That is ALL that we do!  We design, build, manage, and troubleshoot both small, medium, and large business networks throughout the Western United States and beyond.  We are NOT advanced PC Technicians that ALSO handle networking and wireless.  Both types of business have their proper place. They may be best working on your computers. We might be best working on your actual networking, depending on what is required. We are a small, boutique network integration and consulting business.  We would not have it any other way! WE DO NOT TRY TO BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE IN ALL PLACES. WE JUST WANT TO BE THE BEST SOLUTION FOR CUSTOMERS IN THE AREAS OF NETWORKING THAT WE SPECIALIZE IN, AND LOVE TO DO!